Imagine a Worldwhere all people could live free from predatory conflicts and the need to compete against one another for our survival. Imagine living in a technically advanced society specifically designed to provide better Security, Education, Healthcare, Production, Efficiency and Quality of life as a human right for all people instead of luxuries to compete for.

We humans no longer need to imagine achieving true freedom in a predator free society. Our intellectual evolutionary development has already passed the point needed to create enlightened societies free from forced competition and capitalistic exploitation.

Our evolutionary transition to a predator free society is long overdue and millions of our people were lost due to this delay. Likewise millions of preventable deaths will continue every year until we gain full intellectual control over our predatory instincts. Our mission objective at True Freedom Technologies (TFT) is to execute a plan of action capable of ending the predatory evolution of our species at an exponential rate of expansion.

Our mission at TFT began with a singular objective. To find the primary factor responsible for the most preventable suffering and death throughout the evolutionary development of our species. This primary factor was identified as our naturally occurring predatory survival instincts encoded in our genetic memory. These survival instincts are reinforced and perpetuated by our predatory social economic structure. Our natural adaptation to environmental conditions creates a generational cycle of predatory conflicts and forced competition for survival. This generational cycle can be broken with the environmental conditions of a predator free society.

TFTs second objective was to use advanced technologies and creative skills to minimize and eventually eliminate the primary factor responsible for our preventable suffering and death. Understanding the process that creates this root cause also provided the solution to ending the predatory evolution of our species. It became self-evident that a new social economic structure was going to be needed to replace capitalism, in combination with a technical solution capable of supporting a predator free society.

TFT has spent years developing a plan of action so we may offer a comprehensive solution to correct this root cause and eliminate its many symptoms at their source. Continuing to treat the symptoms individually while ignoring the root cause will only lead to more frustration and a breakdown of our current predatory social structure. Our socially engineered dependency on capitalistic governments leaves us at the mercy of the top predators of our species. Our current social structure must change before the working-class majority of our species can experience true freedom and universal prosperity.

Our first integrated solution is intended to be a comprehensive framework to improve upon as new technologies and creative skills become available. Our integrated solution is designed to evolve with constructive input from creative minds improving the efficiency of social and technical systems.

Our current objective is to provide the knowledge necessary for all people to make an informed decision about what kind of future we want for our children. TFT is hoping to build a coalition of like-minded people that understand the importance of ending our predatory evolution. If you want to become a member of our coalition and help accelerate our transition to a predator free society, a good place to start would be to become fully informed about our evolutionary transition, and TFTs integrated solution by reading our first publication Breaking the Chains of Capitalism, An Evolutionary Journey to True Freedom by author Marco D’Anna and by exploring the information on this website.

After an objective consideration of this knowledge we hope you will also agree we must eliminate the root cause of our social dysfunctions at their source and enter the next phase of our evolutionary development. We will accomplish this task because the collective determination of a well-educated population is the most powerful force in our struggle to achieve social equality and universal human rights. If you’re interested in TFTs Mission Objectives and or making the transition to a predator free society, please show your support by becoming a New Member of True Freedom Technologies and our movement to accelerate our natural evolutionary transition to a predator free society.

We have finally reached the tipping point in our intellectual evolutionary development when our systematic exploitation will no longer be tolerated by the working-class majority of our species. Simply put, we have outgrown this phase of our evolutionary development.

We are breaking the control of our induced subjective realities to serve Gods, Governments and the top predators of our species. Manipulating our natural vulnerabilities to continue a cycle of prejudges, hatred and intolerance for others, is losing its effectiveness as more people become aware of how this exploitation process works. The divide and conquer strategy used to perpetuate our predatory evolution is also becoming less effective as our intellectual decision making process based on factual knowledge begins to take control over our survival instincts and subjective realities.

Social equality and global prosperity for all people will become our new motivational paradigm and universal objective. The good news is our transition to a predator free society is already starting to accelerate. The better news is the working-class people of the world have the ability to unite and accelerate this transition even further. Accelerating this transition will not only save millions of lives but also usher in the next phase of our intellectual evolutionary development. To finally gain intellectual control over our predatory instincts encoded in our genetic memory will become one of the greatest milestones in the social evolution of our species. And this is just the beginning.

For more information about TFT’s integrated solution, social philosophy, etc. see 10 Important Questions to Consider and the Support page of this website.