Author Marco D’Anna, is offering for consideration an integrated social economic structure and technical solution capable of ending the predatory evolution of our species. This book also explains the primary factor responsible for the most preventable suffering and death throughout the evolutionary development of our species and how to correct this dysfunction at its source. It also describes how our species is undergoing a natural evolutionary transition from creatures still under the control of our predatory instincts into enlightened beings capable of creating technically advanced societies free of social economic competition for survival.

This book explains how subjective realities are induced as a powerful form of psychological manipulation and used to control the working class populations for thousands of years. It also describes how the effects of artificial selection have altered the intellectual evolutionary development of our species to make our systematic exploitation under capitalism seem like an acceptable social economic system.

The integrated solution in this book describes the creation of an Automated Community Infrastructure (ACI) capable of supporting a self-replicating technically advanced predator free society. The solution also offers exponential growth of a global network allowing more families to end their predatory competition for survival and start helping others wanting to make the transition.


The title “Breaking the Chains of Capitalism” is a metaphoric reference for two of the primary obstacle that need to be removed before all working-class people can achieve true freedom and prosperity. The subtitle “An Evolutionary Journey to True Freedom” refers to the intellectual evolution of our species and our natural transition to a predator free society.

The front cover of this book is a symbolic representation of how the most fortunate few control our government with power, wealth and induced subjective realities to force the working class populations into competitions for their survival and accepting their capitalistic exploitation as the best form of life they can hope for. The back cover of this book introduces the nonprofit organization True Freedom Technologies and offers a glimpse of an alternative social construct free of predatory competitions for survival and a technical infrastructure safe from most forms of natural and man-made disasters.

The first chain of capitalism may be invisible to the eye but it has lasted for thousands of years, long after iron chains would have rusted away into dust. This chain grows in the minds of each new generation linking back to the earliest days of our social development. The first chain deals with our psychological evolution over thousands of years and how it has affected our willingness to consider our predatory exploitation an acceptable social paradigm.

The second chain of capitalism deals with our increasingly obvious over dependency upon the top predators of our species and their control of our governments around the world. Instead of freeing our minds like breaking the first chain of capitalism will do, breaking the second chain will free our bodies and the need to compete against one another for our survival. In order to accomplish this task an advanced technical solution was needed, one capable of supplying all the basic survival necessities for a modern community. This technical solution has many requirements but the most important was its ability to create the environmental conditions capable of ending our predatory evolution.

This book helps all people break their first chain of capitalism and explains the necessary steps to break the second chain at an exponential rate. It became obvious a nonprofit organization would be needed to coordinate a movement as we make our transition to a predator free society. True Freedom Technologies (TFT) is the organization responsible for accomplishing this task.

TFT will function as a conduit between our current capitalistic social structure that values excessive profits for the most fortunate few to a predator free society where our creative skills are used for the benefit and unification of all people as equals. Even though members of this new society will produce many advanced products for sale to the public their primary mission objective will be to expand the ACI network. This will allow others still suffering in capitalistic poverty, to end their systematic exploitation and the need to compete agenst one another for their survival.

This may be the first book to offer a comprehensive framework and technical solution to correct our social economic dysfunctions at their source instead of just dealing with one of its many symptoms individually. The only way to truly end the predatory evolution of our species is to correct the environmental conditions that are perpetuating its existence.

Breaking the Chains of Capitalism will help explain our evolutionary transition from our predatory past and present to our predator free future. No longer will we need to compete against one another for our survival or be dependent upon the top predators of our species. Our species has suffered too much needless death and destruction to reach this point in our evolutionary development. Now we finally have the opportunity to end our predatory evolution and the social inequality that benefits the most fortunate few at the expense of the working class many.

This book is also intended to provide enough knowledge to allow most educated people to make an objective decision whether they want to help accelerate our transition to a predator free society or continue our cycle of predatory exploitation under capitalism. We the working class people of the world are the ultimate power for social change and no one can stop our natural evolutionary transition to attain true freedom and universal prosperity. The real question that remains, is how many of us will lead, how many will follow and how many will be left behind?

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