A predator free society is a social economic structure where people don’t use their intellectual skills to compete against one another for their survival.

It is a technically advanced society based on education and cooperation for the betterment of all people as equals.  Quite different from our current capitalistic society based on greed and competition for the individual accumulation of wealth and power. Simply put, a predator free society is the next phase in our intellectual evolutionary development.

It was inevitable that we would reach this point in our evolutionary development.  A time when our predatory social structure would no longer be tolerated by the working class pray of our species. Our intelligence and communication technologies have finally reached a tipping point allowing our transition to a predator free society to accelerate.

Perhaps most important, a predator free society creates the environmental conditions necessary to eliminate most of our social economic dysfunctions at their source.  It’s a place where our children won’t learn to use their intellectual skills against others as an acceptable standard for survival. Our predatory evolution will end one child at a time as they begin to transform our future.


In the simplest of terms an induced subjective reality is a way to condition someone into believing something that is not true. This is most often done to trick another person into doing something that would benefit the deceiver or deceivers.  We humans have been using this trick on each other for thousands of years, as it became one of the most effective tools for predatory exploitation.

The easiest way to understand how an induced subjective reality works is to remember our belief in Santa Claus when we were young. Many children are traditionally induced with subjective realities by our parents that we naturally trust without question.  The belief in Santa Claus and how he uses his reindeer to fly around the world sliding down chimneys to deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls is one such fantasy. Remember how the bad boys and girls that don’t do as they are told get only lumps of coal? It seems like an innocent enough way of controlling our children giving them more joy than harm. But as they grow older they learn this form of deception can be used on adults too.

The belief in, and the fear of Gods is the most classical form of using an induced subjective reality to modify the behavior of other people. Like the belief in Santa Claus this psychological manipulation technique works best when the conditioning starts at a very young age. This form of control can be broken with exposure to factual knowledge just as our belief in Santa Claus was broken as we grew older and learned rain dear can’t fly.


An objective reality is the opposite of a subjective reality. An individual living with an objective reality will want factual information to form opinions, make decisions and take actions. Relying on what others tell us we must do or our emotional feeling about the subject will not be as good as learning the facts and deciding for our selves what is true or false. Just as an induced subjective reality can be used to deceive someone, forming an objective reality is used to break this control and make informed decisions.

It may sound like a simple task but if it were the use of subjective realities would not have lasted for thousands of years as one of the most effective forms of predatory exploitation. A good understanding of this process will help you avoid being vulnerable to this form of control that often requires us to give up our labor, wealth or lives to serve a subjective belief or more accurately the people that have induced it.


All living creatures are evolving biologically as they naturally adapt to their changing environmental condition. Not all creatures have begun evolving intelligence as a survival trait. Many creatures are developing intelligence we are just the most advanced on this planet, as far as we know. Considering our own evolution it would be logical to assume other creatures will achieve advanced forms of intelligence too, especially with our help.

One of the big differences is the rate at which they evolve. Our biological evolution has been going on for millions of year before our intelligence got started. Like other creatures our intellectual evolutionary development got off to a slow start but is has been accelerating recently. Our current stage of intellectual development has got to be one of the most challenging and critical in determining our species future.

The most advantageous difference for us is we can take control of our intellectual and social development to end our predatory evolution. This is the true measure of an enlightened species.


Capitalism represents the ultimate achievement of our predatory evolution. Capitalism has become an advanced social economic system that allows the most powerful few to legitimize the systematic exploitation of the many working class people all over the world.

It was a natural evolution that our strongest caveman ancestors with the biggest clubs would become the warlords and dictators of our past and present. Now we have respectable politicians and businessmen capable of causing the suffering and death of millions to increase their individual wealth and power. With that increased wealth and power comes a greater ability to socially engineer our world and further secure their domination of the working class populations.

Now that we have become dependant on the products they sell to maintain our capitalistic existence they control the levers of power that determine the level of suffering and death we must endure. These levers of power are also used to induce subjective realities designed to increase our compliance and create a divide and conquer strategy redirecting our survival frustrations against one another.

The good news is we the working class people of the world are becoming aware of our systematic exploitation under capitalism and that we possess the power to end this phase of our evolutionary development. Our transition to a global predator free social economic structure will have resistance but it is an inevitable part of our intellectual evolution.


Our emotions are a manifestation of our survival instincts encoded in our genetic memory. Our survival instincts produce subconscious and involuntary reactions to our environmental conditions. This part of our brains is more primitive and hardwired to override our more resent evolutionary survival trait of intelligence.

This entire process is known and used by the top predators of our species to induce subjective realities and continue a divide and conquer strategy to maintain dominance over their working class prey.

Religion and politics are the primary subjects use to induce the greatest emotional frustration and conflicts among our global populations. Our involuntary emotional reactions to these subjects are a result of environmental conditioning during thousands of years of our evolutionary development. To believe in the wrong God/King would cause humiliation, persecution and public executions for anyone brave enough to question their divine domination.

This elimination process has artificially selected the remaining populations and modified our evolutionary development to produce a more compliant working class prey for our current top predators to exploit. Knowing how this process works will help us eliminate its detrimental effects as we make our transition to a predator free society.


The predatory evolution of our species is responsible for the greatest preventable suffering and death since the beginning of our existence. It is imperative that we use our intelligence and objective reasoning to end this phase of our evolutionary development.

The environmental conditions created by a predatory social structure, is for lack of a better term, "The Root of all Evils". Most if not all of our social economic dysfunctions that contribute to our preventable suffering and death are symptoms of this root cause.

Children adapting to these environmental conditions must continue the cycle of conflict and competition to ensure their social acceptance and survival. Then the children become parents and naturally condition their children with the same prejudice and fears for people with different religions, cultures and ethnicities. We must break this cycle at its source by creating new environmental conditions for our children to adapt to.


The short answer is because we have been genetically encoded for millions of years to become the top predators of this planet. It was only natural that we started using our intellectual survival trait on one another.

The problem now is the evolution of our intelligence has created super predators capable of exploiting millions of people all over the world. This survival instinct is so strong that top human predators have set our global climate on a destructive path disregarding the prosperity of all our children and with them goes the future of our species.

The good news is it doesn’t have to stay that way, not now that we can use our intelligence to create technically advanced predator free societies. We will break our capitalistic exploitation freeing up our creative skills to help others still in need. As more people enter the predator free society our ability to help others will grow exponentially until the transition process is complete. We will have finally achieved the next phase of our intellectual evolutionary development. What wonders await us?


Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon whereby people dependant on others for their survival will begin to empathize with their capture’s philosophies and ideologies. A subconscious and involuntary survival instinct takes control hoping a show of solidarity will ease the victims suffering and or prevent their death. Some victims of Stockholm syndrome are so strongly conditioned by their experience that even after the threat is removed they continue to aggressively defend their captures.

A collective Stockholm syndrome uses all the same triggers or environmental conditions to produce the same results but instead within a larger population. Any large population under these conditions will have a percentage of the people defend their oppressors even if the threat is only part of a subjective belief and not based in reality.

A well-crafted subjective reality can induce a collective Stockholm syndrome to sympathize with an oppressive religion or government. Top predators have used this syndrome for thousands of year to gain support among the very people that often suffer most from their oppression. This form of psychological manipulation has become a useful tool to help perpetuate our predatory exploitation under capitalism.

Understanding how this syndrome works to manipulate our thoughts and action will help us break its control, form objective realties and create predator free societies.


We the people of the world already have the power to peacefully end our predatory evolution. No one can stop the will and determination of a unified global population or the natural evolutionary development of a species. Because our capitalistic exploitation is a manifestation of our predatory evolution it too will become extinct like a social dinosaur. Capitalism will eventually become known as the dark ages of our social and intellectual evolutionary development. At least that’s how I see it.

You may be thinking even if we have the power to accelerate our transition to a predator free society, how do we unify a global population? A massive education campaign describing a common threat and solution will help create more objective and unified decisions among our global community. Something that threatens the future of our entire species like climate change may be enough to unify and motivate a global population into action.

Its time we stop treating the symptoms of our predatory evolution and start eliminating the root cause. The best thing about having a root cause is, once it’s corrected all of its many symptoms just fade away like a bad memory of our evolutionary past.